What We Offer?

  • Commercial Trade License is issued for any type of business engaging in trading activities. It is needed for companies that are involved in buying or selling commodities, goods and services. If a business is classified under Commercial Activity, then a Commercial Trade License is a must have according to the law. If a company wants to trade inside the UAE and Dubai, then the ideal choice is to set up a business inside the Mainland, where, according to the law, 51% of the shares owned by UAE Nationals.
  • A Commercial Trade License serves as a prerequisite for the regulations and protection of Companies involved in trading activities. Not only that, but also real estate businesses, health institutions and construction companies still need to issue a Commercial Trade License.
  • The process of applying for a Trade License in Dubai or UAE includes certain requirements that must be fulfilled by the investors in order to obtain the Commercial Trade License.
  • According to the type of business and whether or not it is classified as Commercial, the authorities issue the Commercial Trade License.

Types of Businesses that Should Obtain a Commercial Trade License:

  • Imports and Exports
  •  Real Estate
  • Logistics
  • Electronic Trading