Before we talk about JAFZA free zone, we need to know some facts first about free zone, Free zone business setup has evolved as a vastly prominent choice for many local and international businesses looking to permeate their name in the market. The unmatched trade freedom provided under this jurisdiction is the main reason why numerous aspiring businesses pursue a corporate presence under it’s label. 

With exquisite infrastructure, boundless partner support and widespread internal market network, JAFZA offers an unrivaled growth opportunity for every business regardless of its nature and target customers. It’s a launch pad for corporate growth if you are looking to establish firm business foundations in the MEASA region and the world on the whole.

Company formation in JAFZA:

If you want to establish a company in the JAFZA, you will have to choose from the following types of establishments:

Free zone establishment (FZE)
It’s a limited liability company and allows a single shareholder.

Free zone company (FZco)
It allows up to 50 shareholders and is a limited liability company within the free zone. It has a presence that is distinct from its shareholders.

Public listed company (PLC)
It can have two or more shareholders and is a limited liability company. It can open it’s shares to the public through the stock exchange.

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