What do this company do?

Dubai has seen an unprecedented commercial growth over the last few years as countless new companies and organizations have made firm establishments in this prosperous city. More and more businesses are hustling to initiate a corporate presence in Dubai courtesy of the lenient and convenient regulations, imposed by the DED, the department of economic development of Dubai for setting up a new business in this emirate. Dubai has been at the nucleus of economic growth and development in the UAE. It has been attracting entrepreneurs from all around the globe to forge a business presence in the market. It offers all the fundamental features that are conducive to progress for modern day businesses. From offering low tax rates and access to the world’s biggest and fastest growing markets to the unwavering support by the government for seamless trade around the world, it is very reassuring when it comes to trade restrictions and regulations. While these features may be the prime reason why more and more businesses are yearning to initiate their name in the Dubai market, there is another underlying reason which can be attributed to it’s growing fame as an auspicious platform for unbridled commercial advancement. That is, the free zones scattered across Dubai.

Why choose mainland business?

If your business priorities and preferences include unrestricted dealing and trade within and outside UAE, you should proceed with the mainland business type. The mainland jurisdiction also permits you to have an office space anywhere in Dubai or UAE meaning you can choose a desirable place of operation for your business.

Types of business licenses for setting up a mainland business in Dubai.

A business license is of grave importance when it comes to setting up a mainland business. There are mainly two types of business licenses and the presence of a UAE national is vital when you apply for each of them. Those are:

  1. Professional business license- If you apply for this license, you will own 100% shares of your company while the UAE national will assist you as a local service agent.
  2. Commercial business license- If you apply for this licence type, 51% of the company shares will be under the UAE national and 49% will be owned by you as an expat partner.

There should not be any visa limitations for mainland business owners so they are allocated visas through the E-quota system. The number of visas you’ll get completely depends on the size of your office space. If you have a colossal office space, you can get more visas.


Starting a business in Dubai is simple.  We can help you set up in a free zone, on mainland or offshore.